Ways to Protect Your Personal Items While Your Home is FOR SALE

Posted by Cortiers Real Estate on Monday, June 1st, 2015 at 12:57pm.

When you put up your home for sale it's going to interest people into viewing your home from the inside. The "For Sale" sign itself could attract people to want to tour your home with dishonest intentions. There are ways to take precautions so your belongings are less likely to be stolen or broken during your home selling process.

Here are some tips:

1) Stow your valuables-Secure items that you find to have sentimental or monetary value. This could be thing such as mail, diplomas, wedding photos and things like that. Don't put your stuff in the position to be taken if you really want to keep it around. Some people put really valuable items in vaults or under other forms of lock and key. 

2) Don't give away hints- Don't give hints as to why you're selling your home or how urgent your situation is to tell your home. If your buyer is aware of this information then it could give them incentive to pay less than the asking price or to not buy at all.

3) Protect your personal information- Identity theft is one of the most common and most difficult crimes to deal with. Make sure your information is in a secure place during these tours.

4) Install a security system- This would serve a purpose of your own safety. If something were to go wrong on one of your viewings then it might be helpful to have security system and security camera to ensure your safety better. You are inviting strangers into your home that you know nothing about and it is good to be prepared for the worst.

5) Have viewings during daytime - This is something else that will ensure your safety more. It is just safer in general to do things like this during the daytime when it is light outside. You are also more alert during the day time and can most likely pick up on signs of skeptical behavior from your viewers. Also everything just looks bigger and brighter during the daytime anyways.

6) Make appointments mandatory and don't do them alone- When you are selling your home it is important that you meet up face to face with whoever you are going to be potentially getting into business with. You don't want to sell your home to someone that you have never met in person before. This can prevent unwanted complications. Also when you are doing meetings or viewings make sure to have someone there with you for each of those things. It's important to have an extra set of eyes on the same scene so things are less likely to be stolen and your belongings will be more safe.

7) Have someone to check in with- This may seem a little extreme but it could be very beneficial. Have someone to check in with an inform about all your meetings and important information. Also it would be beneficial to write down license plate numbers of your viewers just in case you need them for the future.

8) Don't ask your viewers not to touch anything- This could potentially make your viewers desire to touch everything or steal your belongings. It's better to just be relaxed and to examine the situation carefully without letting your potential buyers knowing that you are doing this.

If you are working with a realtor, make sure to talk to them for additional advise and suggestions!

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