Top 5 Biggest Mistakes Of A Seller

Posted by Cortiers Real Estate on Wednesday, February 8th, 2017 at 3:46pm.

Selling your home can be tricky, but reading these mistakes from past sellers can help you in your process of selling your home and making the process easier. Hopefully you will learn from these tips and get your house off the market!


An Overpriced Home

Price is a huge factor in selling your home and if your home is overpriced, not matter what; a buyer will not be interested. So, make sure you sit down with your agent and know what price market your home is in!

Showing Availability

It is key to selling your home that you home is ready to show at any time. Have your home ready at any moment to show to a potential buyer because if you are not ready they can find something else instead of looking at your home.

Cluttered Space

When your house is on the market make sure your home is “showing ready”. Only have the basics in the home because you want the buyer to imagine their own belongings in their potential home. So declutter and organize your home for it to be set up in a selling home.

Unwilling to Negotiate

Selling your home can be hard, but being stubborn and not to attached will help you in selling your home. Selling your home is a business and if you can’t make any agreements you need to find a halfway point that is happy for both you and the buyer.

Home Repairs

A buyer is wanting to buy your home not the to-do list of your home. Make sure and be willing to fix things that are wrong and that need to be repaired. Making these changes will be helpful in selling your home and your potential buyers will be ready to move in and get your home off the market.


Knowing these mistakes and reading over them will help you sell your home faster! Get with your agent today and go over these rules and make a game plan to get your home off the market. Know what you need to do to make your home look “sellable”!

What seller mistakes did we miss? Let us know in the comments below.

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