Tips and tricks for getting your house ready to put on the market.

Posted by Cortiers Real Estate on Tuesday, November 15th, 2016 at 9:11am.


When putting your house on the market, there is a checklist of things to do in preparation. However, there are small things that people forget to do that can make or break a deal. Don't worry, we've got you covered with 4 tips and tricks that will help your home sell on the market. 


Hide Wires in your Home:

This simple fix will make your home look bigger and less cluttered. No buyer wants to see unsightly wires all over the place when they come to visit.

Ways to do this:

Use binder clips even paper towel rolls to keep cords together, then use a light adhesive to hide behind a desk or entertainment stand.

Clean the small things:

These are the things we see everyday and never notice are truly dirty. Baseboards,Windows and small appliances need to be cleaned so buyers will find your home more attractive.

Ways to do this:

Make sure the surfaces in your home are free of fingerprints and dust.

Be prepared for snoopers:

Buyers = snoopers. When showing your home, you have to expects buyers to snoop around. They will open closets, medicine cabinets and rooms and what they see may affect their decision to purchase.

Ways to do this:

Make sure every space in your home is well organized in order to maximize the space.

Make your home look bigger:

Size matters when it comes to selling a home. The layout of your furniture and decor can often make your space look small.

Ways to do this:

Rearrange your furniture so that it maximizes the space. Even consider removing items if the space still seems congested. 

With these simple tricks and tips for getting your home ready will make a huge impact when being shown by potential buyers.


What are some tricks you may have used or tips you would give? Let us know in the comments below. 

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