Take Back Your Garage In 3 Steps

Posted by Cortiers Real Estate on Monday, November 23rd, 2015 at 11:52am.

Do you detest going into your garage? Are there boxes of junk piled up to the ceiling? Do you have to park your car in the driveway because your garage is stuffed full? Here’s how to organize and give your cluttered garage a makeover.

Organizing All That Stuff

Make the most of your garage space and get organized. If your garage is the spot where you toss the stuff that doesn’t belong in the house, you’ve got some major work to do. This is not a take you’ll want to take on by yourself. Hire a professional organizer or enlist help from your family or friends.

The first step is categorizing all of the items in the garage into groups such as camping gear, sports equipment, holiday decor, automotive, garden accessories, tools and recycling. If you have any leftover items that do not fit within the categories, donate or trash them.

Once all your stuff is organized in your driveway, make use of the vertical space in your garage and install built-in modulars and vertical storage units. This way you can park your car and make use of the uncluttered floor space.

But it doesn’t end here. Set up a schedule where you clean up your garage, such as every six months or so, to make sure that it stays organized. HGTV’s got a comprehensive to-do list to help you organize your garage. Visit HGTV.com to learn more.

Garage Makeover

The garage should be an extension of your home, not some dark and dirty dungeon piled high with boxes and junk. From the floors to the walls, you can transform your garage to look like a part of your home.

Start with a clean garage and take a look at your floors. If your cement floors are stained with grease there’s a simple solution to make it look like new again. The home experts from This Old House suggest an Epoxy-Coat. This special coating not only makes the floor look like new it helps prevent stains and wipes clean. The entire process takes about nine hours over the course of three days. For step-by-step instruction, visit ThisOldHouse.com.

Adding a new coat of paint to the garage can drastically improve its look, too. Be sure to use an exterior paint, as this type of paint will stand up to the elements and exposure much better than an indoor-type paint, plus it’s mildew-resistant. Before you begin, fill all cracks and holes vinyl spackling and use a degreasing cleaner to wipe away dirt and debris from the garage surfaces. A new coat of paint to the garage door also makes for an updated and fresh look. A high-quality latex-acrylic paint will work best.

Storing Auto Essentials

For many, the garage is a spot for tinkering on the car. If your garage rivals the look and stock of your local auto shop, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

According to the experts from the Tire Safety Group, tires have an expiration date of six years. If your stored tires are approaching the six-year mark, it may be wise to consider purchasing new tires from a trusted vendor like TireBuyer, which carries name brands like Michelin and BF Goodrich. Storing tires in a cool, dry place like a climate-controlled garage is best. Hanging tires on the wall is also a great solution, but only hang your tires if they have rims. If they do not, hanging them can cause them to distort.

Organize tools in a metal toolbox and any car parts you have around, keep off the floor to avoid staining the floor, or worse, tripping on them.

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