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With TV shows such as Flip or Flop, Love it or List it and many more, real estate shows have grown in popularity and so has real estate investing. Whether they are looking into buying a rental property or wanting to flip the home, there are several things investors look for before they take the plunge.Final-Walk-through.jpg

Location, Location, Location!

Real estate investors live by the rule: It’s all about location. They look for properties near good schools, in a stable job market area, and near public transit. These factors make properties more valuable and also more desirable. For example, if you are buying a property near a public university, you are more likely to more students wanting to rent from you.


Some homes need only cosmetic repairs while…
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The American economy has left the housing crisis and recession in the rear view and continues to work to repair the repercussions of the bubble. Here we are 8 years later asking the question, where does the market stand now? Below, we will review some statistics of the trends in home building, financing, increasing condo sales, and what it all means for the future.

Since 2008, the slow economic climb back to pre-bubble has been strenuous on the housing market to say the least. However, data from shows people are eager to buy homes once again partially due to the increasing price of rental properties. While this is good news for the housing market, home builders and banks don’t seem to be eager to join in. 


This reluctance could

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You have always dreamed of having a second house, but weren’t sure if it was financially possible. While a mansion on a beachside cliff may not be in the cards, there are many ways you can affordably purchase a second home. Whether you want a vacation home in your favorite travel destination, a winter home to escape the cold or a small haven to stay at when you visit your children, these four tips can help you save money and achieve your dream of having a place to call home number two.

Choose an Affordable Location

When deciding where to buy your second home, there are many factors to consider. While a home right on a popular beach or in the midst of a desirable tourist location sounds like a good idea, these kinds of locations drive the cost way

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On Tuesday, July 21st, 2015,  six local businesses participated in the groundbreaking ceremony for The Real Estate Gallery, located at 4121 Hwy 6 South in College Station.

The 14,000 square foot Real Estate Gallery will house the following local companies: Cortiers Real Estate, Aggieland Title, Spring Insurance, Legacy Mutual Mortgage, GrantCaffey Construction, and Black Box Coffee. This building will be unique in the fact that it will hold all of these companies under one roof, making it convenient for locals, and out of towners who are searching for real estate services.

At the event, Bryan-College Station Chamber of Commerce President, Royce Hickman, spoke about the benefits this building and its tenants will provide to the community as well

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Whether you’re the gal who’s ahead of the technology curve with her finger on the pulse of every new app worthy of a download, or the guy who’s still using a flip phone – even the luddite among us is still impacted by tech every day.

If you want your abode to be customized to your every wish and stand out as something of the future, you’re in luck. You can transform your place into a smart home, whether you’re a professional engineer or prefer paper and pencil to a computer. Here are a few tips:

Keep Your Palace Safe

The first step to make your home intelligent is security. Focus on safety first to protect your family and all your new, highly-valuable smart equipment.

Start with wireless IP cameras, like those made by Lorex. You don’t need

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The College Station-Bryan community has received many accolades over the last few years.  Livability gave it the top spot on their America's Best College Towns in 2012.  It ranked #3 on Kiplinger's Greatest Places to Live in 2013. Forbes named it as the second best city on its Best Cities for Business and Careers list in 2014.  College Station-Bryan makes another "best" list yet again.  The Milken Institute ranked it as #8 on its list of Best Performing Small Metros.

The Milken Institute is a well respected non-profit, non-partisan think tank located in Santa Monica, CA.  They gathered economic data on 200 small metro areas across the country to compare against each other.  This data included job and wage growth, high tech GDP concentration and growth

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Do you want to put your home for sale in 2015 or make property updates for your personal enjoyment? Remodeling projects don't always require an expensive budget. In Texas, market trends encourage practical and budget-friendly renovations that increase the home's sustainability, functionality and curb appeal. Given these factors, consider these seven renovations that will increase the value of your Texas home:   

Paint the Walls

A new coat of paint on your interior walls will transform your space in an instant. Painting is an affordable option that will increase your home's value by brightening dingy walls, outdated paneling or worn cupboards. The added plus of this home improvement is that you can do it yourself. Consult a how-to guide or visit your

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Pricing your home for sale can be tricky! Yet a little research and legwork can go a long way into helping define the price of your house correctly with your real estate agent.

·         Ask the Experts: After obtaining a general idea of your houses worth, ask the expert. Listing agents offer a variety of services, such as a free walk through and a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA).

A CMA offers details on selected comparable properties, factors that make your home unique as well as an analysis of current market conditions to support your pricing decision.

·         Take a Buyer’s Perspective: From a seller’s perspective, your home may be worth top dollar because of all the memories you have experienced while living in your home. However a buyers

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Horrible with mortgage jargon? Does talk about mortgages sound like a foreign language to you? Step away from all the muss and fuss and learn these basic key-terms about mortgage.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) The kind of mortgage that changes when your interest rates change. Monthly payments can differ depending on your lender, but most of the time this type of mortgage is capped off at a certain price.

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) This rate is determined by taking the cost of a loan by it’s yearly interest rate.  Included in this rate is the interest, points, mortgage insurance, and other fees that come with the loan.

Balloon Mortgage With this mortgage the borrower receives a low interest rate on a mortgage for a certain period of time, like

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Pending home sales dipped 1.1 percent in June, and they're down 7.3 percent from one year ago, according to the National Association of Realtors. Yelena Shulyatyeva, of investment bank BNP Paribas, told Bloomberg News this trend is likely to continue until wages increase and credit becomes more available to average borrowers.

The Federal Reserve announced it would continue the tapering of QE3, as it will buy only $10 billion in mortgage-backed securities and $15 billion in long-term Treasurys, for a total of $25 billion in monetary stimulus in August. This is down from $85 billion per month the Fed had been purchasing from September 2012 through this past January.

Though mortgage rates have remained relatively steady since May, the contraction of

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