My Role As The Client In Selling My Home

Posted by Cortiers Real Estate on Wednesday, March 1st, 2017 at 8:43am.

So you decided to hire an agent to list your home, what next? Often sellers are unsure of their role in this process and don’t know what to expect in regards to their responsibilities. Below, we’ll discuss what you should expect your role to be as the client.

Preparing Your Home

Even though your realtor can provide you with tips to better the appearance of your home, it is ultimately your responsibility to make sure it is in top condition. This includes making sure all areas of the home are thoroughly cleaned and decluttered, even your junk closet! It is also your responsibility as the client to keep the home odor-free, and remove any personal items to allow buyers to envision themselves in the space.

Keeping it Available

It is your agent's job to show your home to potential buyers, but it’s your job to make sure they can. How do you expect to sell if nobody can view your home? Even if the scheduled time for the showing is inconvenient, home sellers must make it a priority to leave when buyers are coming to view the house. Vacating not only your family, but also pets, provides a more relaxed environment for buyers and encourages them to view longer.


As expected, maintaining a strong relationship with your realtor is your responsibility as well. Initiating a group effort in selling your home can not only help you sell faster but also give you more confidence in the process.Voicing your questions and concerns and keeping an open line of communication will benefit you as well as your realtor.
 Although home selling is a stressful process, knowing your role requirements as the client can help ease some of that stress. Overall, as a client, your main concern should be to feel confident in your agent and their ability to help you sell your home.

What are some ways you prepare and keep your home available when selling? Let us know in the comments below.

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