Essential Safety Tips to Keep Your Home Safeguarded From Would-Be Burglars

Posted by Cortiers Real Estate on Thursday, May 17th, 2018 at 9:05am.

Burglars strike when you least expect it. But you can protect your home and your family with a little forethought. There are measures you can take beyond keeping your windows closed and locked. Here is how you can keep these five areas of your home safe from burglars.

Keep Entryways Lit

Bold burglars know no bounds. No point of access is off limits, including your home’s front door. Keep your home safeguarded against would-be thieves by installing lights just outside of your doorstep area so that your home is illuminated at night. Having lights around your home will deter thieves, keeping your home clear of criminals.

Reinforce Kitchen Windows

While it may seem like an extreme measure, reinforcing your windows with safety glass is a smart idea. Burglars often break small windows to gain access to the home, but with safety glass you can keep them out. Materials like tempered glass, which is much more durable than regular glass, is hard to break and is one of the more affordable options available. Another viable option is laminate glass. This type sandwiches vinyl between two sheets of regular glass, which makes it very difficult for a burglar to break.

Secure Valuables in the Bedrooms

Whether it's family heirlooms like jewelry or documents that contain personal and sensitive information, make sure that your bedrooms are safeguarded by storing your valuables in a secure place, says HomeAdvisor. Keep your valuable items stored in a home safe or lockbox. If the safe or lockbox is small and it is not mounted, you might want to opt to bolt it to the floor. Thieves are known to just pick up the safe and walk out with it. Be sure to keep the security code in a safe place, which means keep it hidden from the public eye; do not post it to your refrigerator. And remember, only share your code with trusted love ones so that they can have access to the safe or lockbox in case of an emergency.

Install a Security System in the Living Room and Around the Home

A home security camera system can add an extra layer of protection to your home. In fact, home security systems are even directly linked to deterring criminals from breaking and entering in the first place. Researches from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte interviewed 400 men and women who were incarcerated for burglary crimes; over half of the burglars that were interviewed said that they would move to another house if they saw a home security system. Today’s home security camera systems can be customized to your needs, including instant remote viewing, so that you can access your home and see what’s going on live when you’re away.

Draw the Basement Curtains

Keeping your valuables out of sight is key. And it’s simple. In areas like your basement, make sure to keep the curtains drawn at all times. While the windows may be small or seem inaccessible, thieves are thinking differently. The small habit of keeping the curtains drawn may keep your home from being a potential target at some point.

Is your home a target? From installing security systems to properly storing valuables, there are a variety of ways to keep your home safeguarded from burglars and criminals.

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