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With 2018 coming to a close, it is time to look forward to a new year. Both strong employment conditions and rising home values are encouraging homeowners in Texas and from coast-to-coast to invest in their homes. While it’s hard to nail down exactly which projects eager homeowners will be taking on, these improvement projects will likely be at the top of the list in 2019, and even 2020.

High-Tech Home Surveillance

Home security monitoring systems are changing. Many high-tech home monitoring systems are more personalized and accessible than their predecessors. With features like night vision and high-quality video surveillance, the home security systems of today and tomorrow are more advanced than ever before. Sure, 1080P was considered the tops at

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Putting your home on the market can be both an exciting and stressful time; beyond listing the home and waiting for the right buyer, you're bound to experience a range of emotions, perhaps even a sense of hopelessness.  

Depending on the market and the condition of your property, there may be a few, or many steps, involved in getting your home ready to list. Here are six kinds of tools you’ll need to help get your home ready for the market.


Packing and Moving Tools

Real estate agents will often recommend decluttering your home so that potential buyers can clearly see all the features as well as the home's overall functionality and aesthetics. Thus,

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Thinking about selling your home? Whether you plan to sell in a few months, or a few years, there are a few steps you can take to give your home that model-home feel. Think lots of natural light indoors, neutral colors and curb appeal. Here’s how you can achieve a model-home look in your very own abode:

Paint Color 101

Boosting your home’s resale value is as simple as picking the right paint color. It’s true, according to a Zillow analysis of more than 32,000 photos of recently-sold homes, specific paint hues can increase or crimp overall home value. The analysis found homes with greige exteriors fetched $1,526 more than homes painted white. Light blue and blue grey kitchens earned home sellers $1,809 more than kitchens painted in other shades in

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Dreaming of a designer-decorated room? Or perhaps your home is ready for bigger overhaul. Whatever the case, you don't have to go to design school to create a chic, comfortable living space of your own. Today's top interior designers including Jeff Andrews, Susana Simonpietri, Brian J. McCarthy and Bernie de Le Cuona have shared their style tricks; here's how you can apply them in your own home.

Be Bold With Paint

Internationally renowned Los Angeles-based designer Jeff Andrews has decorated the homes of celebrities from the likes of the Kardashians to America Ferrera, Ryan Seacrest and Michael C. Hall. Known for pushing creative boundaries in a way that redefines traditional designers, Andrews is one of the most sought-out designers in the industry

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Despite your best intentions, you may encounter a few obstacles while attempting to sell your country home. In particular, determining the optimal buyer and how to gain additional foot traffic in a more remote, rural area are important considerations before putting your home on the market.

But you're certainly not alone in this challenge. According to, the median home spends 65 days on the market from the time it's listed until the owner hands over the keys. Of course, those statistics can vary depending on the location and type of home you're listing.

For example, a big city like San Francisco typically has a low housing inventory and short selling period, where receiving multiple bids are the norm. Meanwhile, a country home is usually

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According to Santa Clara Magazine, homeowners should plan to repaint the exterior of their home every five to 10 years to keep up with a fresh look. A quality paint job can also help enhance your home's curb appeal and real estate selling potential. However, the easy part is deciding to paint in the first place and taking that first trip to the paint store to pick out colors.

In reality, there are many things that factor into a great exterior paint job — and plenty that can ruin your home’s new look. The key is being fully prepared from a cohesive color scheme to choosing the right type of paint. Here are four common exterior painting mistakes and how to avoid them.

Not choosing a color scheme

Stopping by the local paint store and picking up

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Your home is your castle, no matter how big or small it is. It is a place to lay your head, host family and friends, and feel safe and comfortable. While draw bridges and moats may be a little out of style, you still want to protect your castle. Now you can install an at-home surveillance system that you can stay connected to day and night from any location.

Why Do you Want to Stay Connected?

There are many reasons to stay connected to your home while you're away. A security system gives you peace of mind that your home is safe and protected. You can use the cameras to see when your kids get home from school, or make sure they're OK with a babysitter. And if your home is broken into, a security camera provides you with evidence to catch and

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In Texas, summertime  is the perfect time to prepare for the warm and muggy conditions of summer. Homeowners should take certain measures to maintain and protect their house during the warmer months. You should take into consideration your landscaping needs, potential pests, how you can save energy and your outdoor space set-up. Here is a list of home maintenance to-dos for springtime in Texas:

Sprinkler System

With summer heat on the horizon, you want to think about how keep to your grass green and protect it from becoming crispy and yellow.

Check your sprinkler system, so you know it will keep your plants and lawn well-watered. First, you should identify if you have any broken sprinkler heads. If they are broken they’ll have cracked or broken

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A single foe has taunted American homeowners for ages. It is the faulty, tempestuous electric water heater. Whether it's a leaky connection or inadequate hot water supply, when this appliance starts acting up, it upsets the entire home. But fear not. This troubleshooting guide will walk you through the most common electric water heater problems and explain how to address these issues.

Heater is leaking

Begin by examining the orifices of the water heater as well as the heating elements to try to glean where the leak originates. If you are not certain of where the water is coming from, try replacing the o-rings and gaskets. This simple task can mend leaks at the connections and also improve the performance of the unit. If the tank itself is leaking,

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When it comes time to sell your home, you’ve got to know your buyer. In Texas, there are more licensed hunters than anywhere else in the country. It’s not secret 

that we love the outdoors here in the Lone Star State. Tap into this market with these home updates and additions:


Storage is key. As a home seller you’ve got to have potential buyers in mind. Many of your would-be buyers may have lots of Texas-sized toys, think ATVs, dirtbikes, boats and trailers. If your property is strapped for storage space or if your garage isn’t quite big enough, large outdoor storage sheds can be the solution to the storage problem. Plus, you can take advantage of the storage space with your own toys and yard supplies until the time comes to sell your

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