5 Things to Consider When House Hunting

Posted by Cortiers Real Estate on Monday, July 16th, 2018 at 2:21pm.

House hunting can be incredibly stressful but finding an ideal home is a major life decision you need to make. With so many factors to consider, it's easy to feel overwhelmed when looking for a new home. Here are five tried-and-true tips to help make the process go more smoothly.

Set Your Budget

Having a budget before searching for a house will ensure you don't stretch financially. It's a good idea to include a rough amount for your home, and a ceiling price in the event that you find a home that you love but it's priced a little higher than your budget. A budget will also come in handy when negotiating for an offer with the realtor.

The Location of the House

The location of your dream home should be at the forefront of your home-searching plans. Think about it: you can knock down the structure in no time and rebuild it from scratch, but despite the changes made, the location will remain the same. Does the lot have a good view that you can enjoy for decades to come? Consider whether the neighborhood meets your expectations before submitting an offer. Check what your commute to work would be like. Consider if the street noise or neighbors will be a problem to deal with. Keep in mind proximity to grocery stores, shopping centers, and other necessities before writing up an offer.

Work with a Seasoned Realtor

Choosing a qualified realtor can be one of the most brilliant decisions you can make in the home-buying process. It's important to work with someone you trust and feel comfortable with. Referrals from friends and family are a great place to start. You can also conduct an online search and research the realtor's background. Attend one of their open house showings to see them in action. Then, from this search, you can narrow down to a list of potential realtors before committing to one agent. Be open about every detail before you start the home-buying process.

Understand the Privacy and Fraud Risks

You'll be required to share private information with your realtor throughout the home-buying process, making trustworthiness and privacy protection all the more important. You may need to log into banking apps using public Wi-Fi to check banks balances on the go which can put your confidential information at risk. Invest in identity theft protection to help keep your personal information safe.

Shop Around for an Affordable Mortgage

Getting pre-qualified for a mortgage before you start house hunting is the best strategy to know what you can afford. Many people make the mistake of looking for a home first and falling in love with one that is out of their price range.

Shop around for several banks to discuss mortgage options and see what kind of offers they're willing to pre-approve you for. Getting pre-approved is important as it gives you a rough estimate with which you can safely house hunt without having to go back and get approved. Having your budget in order and knowing what you can afford helps a lot when negotiating for a good deal.

Over to You

A new home is an investment that will serve you for many years to come. With the right research, it's possible to find the right option. These tips will help you get started with your home-hunting plans until you find your dream house. There is no reason to wait, make your dream a reality.

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