3 Ways to Create a Model-Home Feel in Your Own House

Posted by REMAX Bryan-College Station on Friday, March 2nd, 2018 at 12:05pm.

Thinking about selling your home? Whether you plan to sell in a few months, or a few years, there are a few steps you can take to give your home that model-home feel. Think lots of natural light indoors, neutral colors and curb appeal. Here’s how you can achieve a model-home look in your very own abode:

Paint Color 101

Boosting your home’s resale value is as simple as picking the right paint color. It’s true, according to a Zillow analysis of more than 32,000 photos of recently-sold homes, specific paint hues can increase or crimp overall home value. The analysis found homes with greige exteriors fetched $1,526 more than homes painted white. Light blue and blue grey kitchens earned home sellers $1,809 more than kitchens painted in other shades in 2017. And natural oatmeal colored, pale taupe and light beige living spaces tacked on a premium of $1,809 to the overall home sale price, according to the Zillow analysis.

When choosing your paint colors, keep these findings in mind. To find the perfect color match, use your smartphone to virtually “try on” paint colors. Start with a smartphone that has a great camera such as the iPhone 6s and later, which allow you to take Live Photos. With a sharp, brightly lit photo, you can use Sherwin-Williams' easy-to-use Color Tools to see how a room will look in a certain color. Simply snap a photo of the space and “try on” a color.

Curb Appeal

The landscaping is the first thing that prospective buyers see when looking at your home. Think of your landscape as the first impression. Maximize your home’s curb appeal by implementing some of the most desired specifics that attract and win over homebuyers. For example, many homeowners are looking for low-maintenance. Shrinking your lawn or opting for drought-tolerant landscaping will reduce the water bill and minimize regular lawn upkeep. High-impact landscaping can also attract a buyer’s eye. You can implement this by planting flowers, shrubs or other plants in groupings, rather than spreading them out, for a greater streetside impact. Curb appeal isn’t just limited to the yard and the things that grow in it. When assessing your curb appeal consider your entryway, your windows, paved areas, roof and the home’s exterior. All should be clean and in tip-top shape if you are thinking about selling.

Go Natural

Real estate experts say that prospective buyers can be turned off by poorly-lit homes. The right lighting can make nearly any room look desirable, airier and even bigger in some cases. You can achieve this by implementing natural light throughout your living spaces. Open up the windows around your home by opting for light, neutral-colored curtains and blinds rather than dark, heavy styles. Over time your windows accumulate a build up of grime and dust, both indoors and outdoors. Giving your windows a thorough cleaning, inside-and-out, will allow for more natural light to come in. Additionally, trimming back the shrubs and trees outside that may be blocking your windows can allow for more natural light in your home. And, after adding more sources of natural light around your home, you may find that you are happier, more productive, calmer and even healthier, as exposure to natural light has been linked to increase these feelings.

Remember, your home should be the place where you feel the most comfortable. Don’t feel chained to certain trends or rules for the sake of keeping your house in tip-top model-home shape. Instead, use these three tips as a guide to keep your home looking its best, for whenever you’re ready to sell.

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