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709 E. Browning Street
Calvert, Texas 77837

Leave your city worries behind and come see this cozy Farmhouse on 4 acres set among giant Oak trees waiting for your finishing touch.

Sit on the front porch swing sipping tea looking across your pasture while only 2 minutes from town. 12 X 20 shop wired for electric to hold equipment and supplies.

Tie you horse and your hammock out back under the huge Oak trees and listen to the wind blow thru the leaves.

Country living awaits!

3 Bedrooms / 1 Bathroom / 1,560 Sq Ft / Formal Living / Wood Floors / Vinyl Floors
Covered Porch / Workshop / Mature Trees / 3.92 Acres / Built in 1970 / CISD
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MLS# 17015900

Aggieland Realtors
Cortiers Real Estate of College

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Everyone wants to live in their dream home, but financially that may not always be case. If you’re in the market for inexpensive ways to make your home more elegant, then you have found the right place!

1. Crown Molding
Because details matter! Crown molding can easily take your space and transform it into a elegant dream. Whether on the ceiling or baseboards, the effect of crown molding will be felt throughout the home. Crown molding can be very inexpensive, especially the plastic models that are even paintable for more customization.

2. Paint
Paint is a simple trick with powerful results. When painting a space, you have two options: bold and dramatic or soft and understated. Whichever pallet you choose

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Smartphones, smartwatches and smart homes, these items are all a part of our daily lives. The tech we use today is more powerful than ever before. At home we have our thermostats hooked up to our phones and some of us even “drive” to work in cars with self-driving technology. Yes, it seems as if the future is here, doesn’t it? New technology is always emerging from some of our days' most innovative thinkers, so often that it’s almost difficult to keep up with the latest and greatest innovations. From weather stations that give you reliable reads on the forecast and remote-accessible pet cams to a Alexa-enabled style assistant and an AI-powered robot lawn mower, these are some of today’s top gadgets for your smart home.

Digital Weather Station

Get a

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As we transition into fall, enjoy family fun right here in Bryan/College Station. This season is full of local community events from corn mazes to festivals, so check the list below to start planning for a fantastic fall!

Aggie Habitat Pumpkin Patch
Now - Oct. 31
220 Rock Prairie Rd, College Station, TX 77845
The Aggie Habitat Pumpkin Patch site is located on Covenant Presbyterian Church’s grounds in College Station and sells over 3,000 pumpkins of all shapes and sizes every year!

Faith in Action Pumpkin Patch
Now - Oct. 31
2301 E 29th St, Bryan, TX 77802
Faith in Action Pumpkin Patch is located next to Hillier Funeral Home at 2301 E 29th St. The Faith in Action Pumpkin Patch Carnival is scheduled for

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September 2017
Sales Closed: 222
Total Sales Amount: 59,937,000
Average Sales Price: 269,888
Average Days on Market: 94

Would you like a better understanding of our market statistics?
We would be happy to consult with you on how these numbers effect your buying and Selling experience! 



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There are many different options when choosing new countertops, ceramic tile is an excellent choice for someone on a budget. It comes in any color or style you can think of and costs a tenth as much as stone. Another cost effective option is laminate, it is easy to install and costs about the same as tile. Solid wood countertops are another choice, they come in a variety of wood types and provide a warmth some other materials simply can't.

Ceramic tile is a good budget friendly option because it resists wear, moisture, dents and stains and costs less than wood. One of the most affordable choices is plastic laminate flooring; it is cheaper and easier to install and wears better than solid wood. Vinyl flooring is also an affordable,

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15747 Timber Creek Lane
College Station, TX 77845
MLS# 17013218

A New Direction! Where tradition meets contemporary!

A pleasant surprise of modern extensions for a conservative elegant design.

This upscale 2-year old Magruder custom is BIG! Utilizing the ever-popular Austin stone and brick combination, with an all-stone chimney, side-entry garage, corner lot, iron fencing and tasteful landscaping, the curb appeal is outstanding!

The covered patio with outdoor kitchen, wrought-iron fencing, and paved sidewalks maximize the exterior appeal. Once inside, you will love the neutral palette.

Rustic touches of wood and metal marry with more modern stainless, granite, and tile, allowing leeway with your personal design touches.


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A home warranty is a separate contract covering repairs and replacements on systems in your home, most usually last up to a year.

Home warranties cover many but not all of your home's appliances and systems. Contract costs and coverage can vary widely, so always compare before purchasing. Before purchasing one you should review your contract and have a full understanding of what exactly is being covered. When you buy a home warranty, consider premium and optional coverage and what is not covered. When a home warranty is understood and utilized for its intended purposes, it can be the easiest way to save on home repairs and reduce the extra stress that comes with buying or selling a home.


Warranties vary from company to company but in

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Laminate flooring is a multi-layer, synthetic flooring product that simulates wood. Although there are many pros to having laminate flooring, there are several common problems that can come along with it.

Laminate Problems and How to Fix Them:

1. Peaking
Peaking is an expansion problem. Floors and walls expand and contract based on the weather, humidity and other things. When flooring expands against doorways, molding, or walls, it can buckle. This can be fixed by taking out the molding to let the floor 

expand and even out.

2. Water/Moisture-induced warping/buckling
Dampness, either from humidity or water, can cause laminate flooring to buckle or warp. A balancing layer can help to even out the flooring.

3. Mildew, mold, and other

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1. Clean Out the Gutters

Clogged rain gutters can lead to costly repairs; hinder these unnecessary expenses by making sure to regularly clean out any leaves, twigs, and other debris in the gutter. Consider installing gutter guards to make cleaning easier for you.

If you see the gutter sagging or trapping water, tighten the gutter hangers and downspout brackets.

TIP: The downspout should stretch at least 5 feet away from the home to avoid and damage to the foundation. If not, you can buy downspout extensions at your local home improvement retailer.

2. Test the Detectors and Alarms

Carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms are crucial to a home. These devices can save lives in an emergency. Be sure

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