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Staying current with the real estate industry is yet another task on your daily to-do list. Fortunately there’s a way to do it sitting down: magazines. There are multiple publications — both online and printed — that offer the latest and greatest in real estate news.

You can’t read every single magazine, so how do you narrow down your choices? Start with this list that we’ve curated for you! We took a look at the top real estate magazines and identified the ones that best provide relevant and comprehensive information all in a single resource.

Here are 13 real estate magazines that you should start reading.

  1. Inman News is one of the leading sources of real estate news. It covers
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  • Floral shears

  • Evergreen branches (about the thickness of a pencil)

  • Hot-glue gun

  • Card stock

  • Calligraphy or felt-tip pen

  • Small evergreen sprigs


  1.  With floral shears, cut slim evergreen branches into 4-inch segments. Trim off any nubs. 

  2.  Holding two segments of about the same thickness, adjust them to fit together snugly -- this might require some twisting, turning, and further trimming. 

  3.  Turn pair of branches over; run a line of hot glue across the pair's width, 1/4 inch from each end. Let dry. 

  4.  Write a guest's name on a 1-by-2 1/2-inch piece of card stock.

  5.  Slip place card

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Real Estate Market Stats for Bryan/College Station

November 2016
Sales Closed:202
Total Sales Amount: $49,399,000
Average Sales Price: $244,550
Average Days on Market: 106

Would you like a better understanding of our market statistics?
We would be happy to consult with you on how these numbers effect your buying and selling experience!
979-846-TEAM (8326)

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Contrary to popular belief, there are plants that don’t require much light or water. Even if you fancy yourself a “brown thumb,” these plants are known to thrive in low-lit areas of the home making them a perfect addition to a dark laundry room. For more ideas on plants that grow regardless of the conditions, visit Angie’s List.

The ZZ Plant

This indoor-growing plant is known to push the limits of low-light growing, as it thrives in poorly lit spaces around the home. Green thumbs say this plant is practically indestructible and a good choice for those who can't keep plants alive. The ZZ plant also grows well in a dry environment. If your laundry room has windows that allow sunlight, be sure to keep the ZZ plant far away from the light source, as too

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Buying or selling property and looking for a great realtor to get the job done? Don’t just pick the first one you find on a yard sign while driving down the street, set up an interview and get to know who will be representing you. You might be spending the next six months with them so make sure they have your best financial interests at heart. Here are a few tips to get you started in the process.


How long have they been in the business?

            The more experience an agent has, the less confusion you will go through while buying/selling. This also means they will have more past clients that you can go to for a testimonial. Also get to know if they are a part-time agent or work in the business full time and be sure to know which type you

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Building a home can be exciting and overwhelming. You have big visions in your mind of what you want, but then you realize there is so much to do to make that dream a reality. You begin to wonder where should you even start! Here are a few things to start with when you are starting the home-building frame.jpg

Get Connected with a Realtor:

This step is here to ensure you make smart moves. When you get in touch with a realtor, they can help you compare floor plans, financial options, help explain contracts, and so much more. When it comes to the building process, they will make sure you are only putting in what you can get back in return for your area. They are your trusted source for real estate information, and you can be assured that they are

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