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You know those pesky problems that have been bugging you for years? The one’s you hope will magically fix themselves if you continue to ignore them? Well I’m here to tell you, DON’T ignore them; these problems will not go away in time and they will only end up causing you bigger problems in the future. It’s better to fix problems as they happen, so they don’t keep building up and costing you more money than is necessary. Here’s a list of six problems that shouldn’t be ignored and why.

1. Roofing Problems

This seems like a no brainer when it comes to home improvements because who wants a leaky, falling apart roof? Well it can be pricy to replace/fix a roof which is what scares people away at first, but it’s definitely something worth your money. Try

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Start your day off at the Bryan July 4th Celebration at Heritage Park and then head to Kurten for the Fire Dept's BBQ and fireworks fundraiser.Independence Day is next Monday.  Our country turns 240 years old.  It's time for backyard barbecues and fire in the sky.  If you're in town next Monday, come to the Bryan July 4th celebration in the park.  It's fun, it's free and you're sure to have a great time.

What: Bryan July 4th Celebration
Where: Heritage Park (600 S Hutchins)
When: Monday, July 4th, 9:30am to 12pm
Admission: FREE
Contact: Randy Hilliard, Brazos Heritage Society (979) 777-5670

Bryan July 4th Celebration

Click here to search homes for sale in Bryan-College StationThe Brazos Heritage Society is hosting this year's Bryan July 4th celebration at Heritage Park.  They have a jam-packed schedule set up for the morning, too.  The Sojourners will start things off with the official flag raising ceremony.  Kids are welcome to join in on the

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Fourth of July in Bryan/College Station


Spending your 4th of July in the Bryan/College Station area?

Celebrate your patriotism, and check out these awesome events that will make sure to keep your day full of fun & fireworks!

What: 56th Annual I Love America 4th of July Celebration

Where: George Bush Library

When: 9:30am - 10:15pm

    The George Bush Library and the College Station Noon Lions Club present the 56th Annual 4th of July Celebration, with free games, rides, live entertainment and fireworks show! The museum has free entry from 9:30am to 8:00pm. For more information, visit bush41.org

What: Fireworks on the Brazos

Where: Washington-On-The-Brazos

When: 10am-10pm

    The annual Fireworks on the Brazos will

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Whether you are looking to buy a new house or wanting to sell your current property, choosing the right agent is a big decision. So what exactly should you look for and how can you know if they will help you get the most out of your property or find the home you’ve always dreamed of?

Communication Is Key

First off, you should make sure that the person you are going to be working with communicates well with you from the start. You will want to make sure your agent is someone you can get in touch with, and speak to, easily. Do they respond promptly or do they seem to be trying to balance too many things at once? Do they seem to have your best interest in mind? You want someone who can see your vision, help you adjust to changes, and will work with you

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Kids ages 4-11 who sign up for the Bryan Children's Museum Holiday Camp 2016 get to celebrate all the holidays from around the world in one week.School's out for summer.  How do you keep your kids occupied for the next couple of months?  Don't let their brains turn to mush in front of the television set.  Sign them up for the Bryan Children's Museum Holiday Camp 2016 instead.

What: Bryan Children's Museum Holiday Camp 2016
Where: Brazos Valley Children's Museum (4001 E 29th St)
When: June 27th to 30th, 8:30am to 3pm
Cost: $30 per day/$140 per week for CMBV members, $40 per day/$190 per week general public
Contact: Children's Museum of Brazos Valley (979) 779-KIDS (5437)

Bryan Children's Museum Holiday Camp 2016

Click here to search homes for sale in Bryan-College StationBrazos Valley Children's Museum wants to make sure your child has a fun time away from the TV.  Get them out of the house.  Sign them up for the Bryan Children's Museum Holiday Camp

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Looking to sell your home? Be sure to be aware of these 3 biggest selling mistakes to make sure that your home sells as quickly as possible.

Overpricing the Home

This is the biggest mistake that sellers can make when trying to sell their homes. Get with a real estate agent, and they can help suggest prices for the home by comparing them to similar ones already on the market. Overpricing to get people to ‘bite’ is a big mistake and portrays the seller as not being serious about the sale.

Find out what your home is currently valued in today’s market!

Showing Availability

When selling a home, sellers need to understand that their daily routine will change. Buyers may want to come to the home at times that are not always convenient for the

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Thinking about taking on a project and wondering whether you should do it yourself or hire a pro? Check our our pro’s and con’s to doing it yourself and hiring a professional!

Do It Yourself

Pro’s: Do it yourself projects can be fun and easy! If you are taking on a DIY project you will most likely save more money than you would if you hired someone. People also enjoy the feeling of completing the project, and possess a sense of accomplishment when they show it off to friends. DIY projects give you the experience and confidence to take on more challenging projects in the future.

Con’s: DIY projects generally take more time than if you hired a professional. Most people work on DIY project when they have the time to, and this leads to the

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Real estate is one of the most reliable investments with the biggest ROI, if you get the right property in the right location with the right house. So any smart homebuyer knows the home inspection is key in spotting troubles before investing to ensure that you’re not getting sucked into a money pit.

Owning a home comes with unforeseen expenses that are bound to arise. From flooding to roofing issues, things need to be repaired, replaced and maintained. But getting a good home inspection and knowing the right questions to ask is an art form that can save you from a decade of headaches and getting stuck with or even upside down in, a home that wasn’t worth the asking price. Here’s your guide to doing your due diligence and making every effort to get the

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As we impatiently wait for the fresh, warm air to arrive, we begin to prepare our homes for spring season. Here are a few tips to help you better prepare your home for spring.


With winter season coming to an end, an easy way to start preparing your yard for spring season is to rake areas that have excess leaves and remains from winter season. You also want to ensure that your lawn mower is working correctly in case you need to make any repairs. If weather permits, you can also begin to water your yard. Remember: water only once a week, but water deep.


Landscape cleaning has finally arrived for gardeners! If your lawn was healthy prior to winter season, the less work you will have to do to prepare for spring. Cold winter

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Real Estate Market Stats for Bryan/College Station

May Final Statistics (2016)
Average Days on the Market: 91
Units Sold: 324
Amount Sold: $73,338,000
Average Sales Price: $226,350

Would you like a better understanding of our market statistics? 

We would be happy to consult with you on how these numbers effect your buying and selling experience!

Call us @ 979-846-TEAM (8326)

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