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The job of a home inspector is to ensure that your home is up to code and livable for the next owners buying your property. While it may seem that a home inspection isn’t necessary for your home, buyers like to have an evaluation done to ensure that the property they’re purchasing isn’t attached to a mountain of repairs or health hazards. We know this process can be stressful to sellers, so here are some tips and guidelines to consider before having your next home inspection done.

1. Remove the Clutter
Make sure your home is tidy and mess free before the home inspector pays their visit. Items surrounding any wiring, plumbing, vents or electrical outlets should be removed so that the inspector can easily access each item on their checklist. Clutter also

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When attempting to sell your home, it is extremely important to make your house stand out from other houses on the market. A simple way to do this is through home-staging. The goal of home-staging is to make the buyer feel and see themselves living there. If the buyer is unable to picture themselves living in this home, the sale is lost from the start. Home-staging may seem like a small part of selling your home, but it can make a huge difference in the end.

5 Simple Tips for Staging Your Home

  1. Do Not Forget the Exterior. The first thing a potential buyer sees when searching for a home is the exterior. If the front yard of the house is not kept neat and tidy, why would a buyer want to explore further? To get a buyer inside the house, a

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It’s that time of year! Trees are dormant in winter and it’s the perfect time to plant an array of trees. Trees are beneficial to the world in so many ways, they clean the air, save water, help prevent pollution. They provide a wonderful sense of peace and beauty while providing a habitat for wildlife including birds, squirrels and many others.

Trees add value and curb appeal to your property.  After 17 years selling College Station real estate I can say approximately 50-75% of home buyers include trees on their want list or want to be in an established tree shaded neighborhood, thus making your property more appealing to buyers.

May I suggest taking the time to select a tree and make planting it a family fun day. Plant a tree for a newborn that’s on the

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Real Estate Market Update

If you missed our last email, take another look at the 2013 final statistics.
Were you thinking about selling? If so, now is the time. Our inventory is low and we definitely have buyers looking.

Year End Final Statistics (2013)
Months of Inventory 4.44
Units Sold: 2,855
Amount Sold: $541,490,085
Average Sales Price: $189,664

 Bryan/College Station Community

Things are looking good for Bryan/College Station.
The population is growing, the housing market is doing extremely well and there’s growth within the job market.
According to the Real Estate Research Center at TAMU- Jim Gaines 
Can’t wait to see the newly renovated Queen Theatre!
Interior Renovation to Begin

 Housing Guide

It is that time of year!
Time to plant a

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According to Realtor magazine, 60 percent of real estate professionals encourage their clients to sell their homes during the holidays because they believe it is a good time to sell. With fewer homes on the market, and a pool of more serious buyers, many realtors urge their clients to take advantage of added exposure they may get. High quality pictures of well-staged and decorated homes allow potential buyers to picture themselves in these homes.

To make your home even more appealing, have plates of homemade holiday cookies placed attractively throughout, so that potential buyers can really feel the holiday ambiance as they tour your home.

Holiday Decorating in Moderation

Choose tasteful holiday decorations, but don’t go overboard. You don’t want

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Resolutions…many of us make them. They typically consist of better eating habits, losing weight or a work related goal. While all of these are excellent resolutions, I pondered them all. Then… it finally came to me. Make a list of beautiful, positive and helpful words! Then start using them. Adding to our vocabulary is a great idea. As a Realtor selling College Station real estate, I’m always trying to find descriptive words when marketing properties. We have a few different sources as well as a team of very creative individuals who collaborate when marketing homes, but this project is more of a personal journey or project which made my heart smile when it came to me! Where did this thought originate?  I’m not sure, but when asked I thought about a New

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Real Estate Market Update

We anticipate an active market this year!
Based on our 2013 results, our numbers increased in the Bryan/College Station market.

Year End Stats (2013)
Units Sold: 2,855
Amount Sold: $541,490,085
Average Sales Price: $189,664

 Bryan/College Station Community

What city was named the 2nd fastest growing college town? 
a. Austin
b. Auburn
c. College Station
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Housing Guide 

Looking for unique remodeling ideas?
Take a peek at some peculiar real estate!
Craziest Place to Live in 2013 

Local Event

Go on a scavenger hunt at the Brazos Valley Museum!
How many point can you earn??
Brazos Spring Scavenger Hunt

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